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Movie Review: I AM BRUCE LEE

The best new movie I found this weekend is a well made documentary called I AM BRUCE LEE.

But there are three Oscar winners still on Hawaii screens and there's also a good drama based on lives of the famous psychologists Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

A DANGEROUS METHOD is well worth seeing  for anyone interested in the psychological theories of the twentieth century's two most famous psychologists, Freud and Jung.

This a talky, intellectual film, but it's also a strong drama about the growing conflict between two men who were once close friends and colleagues.

A challenging patient played by Keira Knightly provokes very different responses from the two men and starts the rift between them.

The acting in the film is top notch with Viggo Mortenson as Freud and Michael Fassbender playing Jung. David Cronenberg (HISTORY OF VIOLENCE) directed. 

If you haven't yet seen Meryl Streep's Oscar winning performance in THE IRON LADY, let me remind you that it shouldn't be missed. She's really playing two roles: Margaret Thatcher in middle age and the same character as an old woman with dementia. If you didn't know it was Streep, you wouldn't recognize her in the old woman at all.

And for those who haven't yet seen THE DESCENDANTS, I can only wonder why you wouldn't want to see the best feature film ever made in Hawaii.

Lots of people haven't yet seen THE ARTIST which won the Oscar for best film. It isn't the best film I saw last year, but it sure is a lot of fun. Don't let its lack of dialogue keep you away.
And again, anyone who admires the late great Bruce Lee, martial artist and film star, should see I AM BRUCE LEE, a terrific, just released documentary full of great new interviews and lots of relevant footage from more than forty years ago.

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