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Terry's Take


THE SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETTI is a sweet story about a family of people who are only four inches tall.
The screenplay is by Oscar winner Hayao Miyazaki, best known for another feature length animation called SPIRITED AWAY."

ARRIETTY is best suited for children, but many adults will be captivated by its gentle and beautiful style.
Fourteen year old Arrietty lives with her parents under the floorboards of a Japanese country house. Their lives aren't easy. They need the skills of circus acrobats just to capture a cube of sugar. And they must avoid being seen by the normal sized people in the house.
But a sickly young boy named Shawn accidentally meets arrietty and he's fascinated, hoping they can become friends.
Arrietty and Shawn do become friends. but once her parents find out that she's been seen by a human her father decides they must find a new place to live.

Unfortunately, before they can make a move, ArriettY's mother is captured by the nosy housemaid voiced by Carol Burnett. "I bet there's more of you; aren't there?" she says to the little woman in the palm of her hand.

Anyone who appreciates hand drawn animation will be well pleased by THE SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETTY. This movie aims for magic and enchantment, and for the right audience it delivers exactly that.

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