Exclusive Crash Update Tonight at 10

More than a year after Theresa Wang was put into a coma by a head-on crash on the Big Island we have an update on her stunning recovery.  And her physical comeback is only part of the story.  Her family has shown remarkable strength in their decision not to press charges against the driver who caused the wreck: Colt Brennan's girlfriend, Shakti Stream.  Join us for the exclusive story tonight at 10.

We also have more information about the woman arrested for pointing a gun at drivers in Kalapana yesterday.

The Honolulu Police Department is hiring.  Lisa Kubota takes a look at the starting salary, and how to apply.

And Guy says you'd better keep your galoshes handy this weekend.  He's tracking a storm system moving in from the west that could soak several islands.

Hope to see you at 10,