Goodwill's "Call for Talent"

The "Call for Talent" will take place on Saturday, February 25, 2012 from 9:00am - 3:00pm at Ward Warehouse on the second floor at the "HIFI Coop" and at the Ward Warehouse conference rooms. Walk-ins are welcome, but those who register for the "Call for Talent" by Feb. 20 will receive priority line placement. To register online go to and click Call For Talent Volunteer.

The "Call for Talent" serves three purposes;

(1) Identify talent

(2) Match the skills to event/segment

(3) The opportunity to gain experience: It will give new talent and aspiring industry professionals experience in their field, mentors and networking opportunities - contributing to their job-readiness and possible fulfillment of community service or class curriculum hours. This is also an opportunity for industry professionals to connect with and mentor up-and-coming talented individuals while providing them with valuable experience.

About Goodwill Goes GLAM! August 23-26, 2012:

The inaugural Bank of Hawaii presents Goodwill Goes GLAM! Talent Showcase & Treasure Marketplace begins with an exclusive High Fashion Kickoff including a Gala Dinner, Fashion Show and exclusive Pre-sale access. This will set the stage for an unprecedented marketplace of more than 20,000 square feet of glamour and vintage items donated by retail partners and collected from Goodwill stores to support the nonprofit mission.

This major shopping and fashion event will spotlight Hawaii's style industry and contribute to job-creation, while empowering attendees to learn more about Goodwill's educational, employment and training programs. Interactive daily activities will showcase job talent, and "green" career pathways specific to Hawaii's fashion, retail and style industries. Goodwill brought a few examples of some of the fashionable things you can find including a vintage Versace blouse under $45, Coach slip on sandals under $35 and men's Burberry jacket under $45!

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