Kalapana Gun Arrest Tonight at 10

We're tracking the arrest of a woman accused of aiming an air-soft rifle at drivers on the Big Island.  Witnesses say she's been terrorizing the neighborhood for a while but they've never been able to catch her until now.

We also have new reaction to the power struggle at the Kauai Police Department.  Chief Darryl Perry showed up to work today only to be blocked by the mayor's staff.  Tonight both sides claim they have authority as the legal standoff continues.

Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut?  Here's your chance to eat like one:  UH is looking for taste-testers willing to live on a Big Island lava field for four months.   More on this mission to 'Mars', tonight at 10.

And what's up with the rain?  Guy's tracking some weather changes heading our way.

Hope to see you at 10,