Breaking News on Kauai Tonight at 10

There's a new twist in the shakeup at the Kauai Police Department.  We're getting new details on Chief Darryl Perry's plan to return to work tomorrow, even though the mayor's office says he's still on leave.  Standby for an exclusive interview with the chief himself.

Also tonight, we have new reaction to Governor Abercrombie's stand on gay marriage.  Despite a state ban the governor says he cannot defend the law, which puts him at odds with his own Health Department.

And we bring you the latest on the push for a bicycle lane through Kaimuki.  An online petition now has more than 1,000 signatures.  So what's next?

All that plus President Obama sings the blues.  See who peer-pressured the commander in chief to grab the mic and let loose... tonight at 10.