Family of murdered inmate sues Hawaii, prison

Bronson Nunuha
Bronson Nunuha

Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - The family of a Hawaii inmate stabbed to death at a private prison in Arizona is suing the state of Hawaii and the prison operator, the Corrections Corporation of America.

Bronson Nunuha was beaten and stabbed over 100 times when two gang members attacked him in his cell after a prison employee left the cell door open.

The lawsuit filed at state Circuit Court in Honolulu on Wednesday alleges Hawaii agreed to and tolerated insufficient staffing levels at a Saguaro Correctional Center housing program. The suit says this allowed dangerous conditions to persist there.

Further, it alleges the state acted negligently, recklessly, and with deliberate indifference to Nunuha's safety.

The complaint seeks to prevent similar incidents and monetary damages.

Hawaii houses one-third of its inmates at the company's prisons.

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