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Movie Review: THE IRON LADY

Nominated for an Oscar a record 17 times, Meryl Streep is sometimes called America's greatest living actress. Her performance as Margaret Thatcher is further evidence of her brilliance.

Margaret Thatcher was the conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1979-1990. But you don't have to agree with her political views or even know anything about them to appreciate Meryl Streep in THE IRON LADY.

In effect, Streep is playing two roles in the film: one is the feisty middle aged female who, against huge odds, succeeds in an all male world. The second is the old lady with dementia who talks to her dead husband and often thinks she's still the prime minister.

Unfortunately, the Weinstein company which distributes the film's publicity materials has chosen not to release any scenes of Streep playing the older Thatcher even though the old woman has more screen time.

In fact, the entire movie is creatively structured around the old lady's memories of the past. and intimacy with the character in her decline is what makes the film special in my mind.
Of course, Streep is also impressive as Prime Minister Thatcher at the height of her powers when she went to war with Argentina after that country invaded the Falkland Islands.

We'll see on Oscar night if Meryl Streep gets the Oscar she deserves.

Speaking of the Academy Awards, you should know that the Oscar nominated short films--both animated and live action--are showing in separate programs in the theaters in Kahala Mall.

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