Hundreds of students converge on Pearl City

By: Denise Yuki

PEARL CITY (HawaiiNewsNow) - More than 600 elementary students and their teachers converged at the University of Hawaii at Manoa's 30-acre Urban Garden Center in Pearl City Friday morning. It was all part of the sixth annual Agriculture and Environmental Awareness Day.

The event featured various presenters and exhibits set up by local companies to educate young minds on the importance of being aware of their environment, as well as to introduce students to career opportunities in agricultural and environmental studies.

"Once the students become interested in agriculture and once they see how agriculture can benefit the environment, they also will become very strong stewards of the environment," said Charles Kinoshita, Associate Dean of Student and Academic Affairs for the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources.

Fifth and sixth graders from private charter schools and public elementary schools were able to participate in fun, interactive activities while also learning about the environment.

Some exhibits included a live invasive insect display and sustainable farming methods.

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