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UH student paper prints "how to" guide to sexual positions

The February 9th edition of the University of Hawaii's student newspaper, "Ka Leo" The February 9th edition of the University of Hawaii's student newspaper, "Ka Leo"
Karleanne Matthews Karleanne Matthews
Maribell Pabalan Maribell Pabalan
Chris Casne Chris Casne
Alexa Miller Alexa Miller

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - You know the riddle: what's black and white and read all over? Well, plenty is ... in the February 9th edition of the University of Hawaii's student newspaper.

College papers often push the envelope, but Ka Leo's special Valentine's Day issue is also pushing buttons - and students are reading all about it. On page 16, the headline reads "Don't change partners, change positions".

"Valentine's day, college campus, it's going to be about sex for a lot of people," says Ka Leo's chief copy editor, Karleanne Matthews. "And so we wanted to address that in a way that is helpful and interesting, that's not going to be the same thing students already know."

The two page article is a "how-to" guide for readers to experiment with different sexual positions - not only written instructions, but graphic illustrations, as well.

Matthews says, "I think, for us, we hit the right balance. We wanted them to be clear because we wanted them to be helpful. And that's the advantage of an illustration over just descriptions and words. But we didn't want them to be pornographic in any way."

The article discusses how to, where to, what to expect - even what types of equipment and "extras" to use during sex. We headed to campus to get the buzz.

"Tips aren't bad, it gives you a chance to be open minded, a chance to not get 'faked', if you know what I mean," says Maribell Pabalan, a UH alum, talking about faking it during sex.

"Any kid or anything could walk through the campus and pick that up, especially under 18. It's just the wrong image for the University of Hawaii, in my opinion," says Chris Casne, a UH graduate student.

"Given the college atmosphere, it is quite appropriate, especially for our generation," says UH senior Alexa Miller. "A lot of us are sexually active - versus our parents."

Uh, well, some parents may have a different take.

We should note that Ka Leo does have a weekly sex column, but this is one of the raciest articles it's run. And around this Valentine's Day, who knew Ka Leo would give the Kama Sutra a run for its money with everything that's fit to print … and then some.

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