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The War on Wrinkles

Dr. David Yew Dr. David Yew
A male patient receives a botox injection. A male patient receives a botox injection.
Ayu Sariswati Ayu Sariswati

By Keahi Tucker - bio | email

You've heard of botox.  How about bro-tox?

We've all heard of metro-sexuals.  How about macho-sexuals?

"Macho sexual.  I'm digging it", Paul Klink qualifies.

The hunter from New York is now an actor in Hawaii.  He even appeared on the new Hawaii Five-O t.v. series.

How old would you guess he is?  Klink reveals, "I'm not ashamed to say im almost 50".  Almost 50 and no wrinkles.

If you look at Klink's photo from 5 years ago, before he fell in love with the Honolulu MedSpa, before his zapping, burning & stinging quest to keep from getting old.

"When I first started coming here, it was an issue.  I wouldn't tell my guy friends.  They'd be like, ‘Dude, you're out of boys bunch.'  But now they're all coming here.  Ha, ha.", Klink explains.

Indeed the beauty spa is no longer a women's only club.

Stuntman Racer Moody gets his chest hair lasered.  Moody details, "Even the hairs that do grow out they grow out like way thinner so they don't stand out as much."

Financial planner Tony Silva gets a deep cleansing facial.  "You could see right away", Silva recounts, "within the first 2 to 3 days you have this intense glow." 

And look away if you don't like needles because retired aircraft painter James Kawasugi gets a big one in his cheek lines, erasing his frown.

And over at Aesthetics Hawaii, Raleigh Taufer and his doctor, David Yew, have both been getting "brotox" for years.

"Did it hurt?", Dr. Yew asks.

"A little bit but not a lot.", Taufer responds.  "Not as much as I thought it would."

Doctor Yew says most of his male clients start off escorting their girlfriends to a treatment.

Dr. Yew elaborates that, during consultation, "I can watch the man slowly grabbing the mirror and looking at himself.  You know some guys have the Clint Eastwood macho man image but, inevitably by the end of the consultation, they're looking in that mirror and virtually all of them, with the exception of a few, end up getting treated."

Doctor Yew says about a third of his clients are now men.

At the MedSpa, its about 10 percent and rising.

We thought about asking a bunch of good looking women what they thought about this new trend.  Instead, we turned to an expert at U.H.'s Women Studies department.

Ayu Sariswati explains, "The question is not about right or wrong right but what does it do".  Sariswati says people have always wanted to look good.

"What is interesting is the ways it's being incorporated into the market.  These days, the more socially acceptable it is for men to hit the beauty salon, the more men will do it" states Sariswati.

And then comes more men's products.  And more pressure from society.

Or maybe it's the other way around.

"It's always the egg and the chicken, right?", Sariswati asks.  "Which comes first?".

Some critics say it's all tied to age-ism and we should all be more accepting of our wrinkles.

You can't stop time but more men are fighting to slow it down.


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