Feral fowl disturb Kaneohe neighborhood

Gene Kridler
Gene Kridler
Pat Royos
Pat Royos

KANEOHE (HawaiiNewsNow) - The wind chimes in Gene Kridler's backyard can't drown out the noise from an unwanted neighbor. His Kaneohe neighborhood is being overrun by feral roosters and hens.

"In this area there's probably five to seven roosters, and they all roam all over. And there's probably been close to about twenty hens," he said.  "Especially in the afternoon, I can hear them all over. If I'm watching TV in my workshop, they're louder than my TV," he said.

Pick any area on Oahu, you'll likely find feral fowl. It's really bad on the Leeward Coast and sections of the North Shore.

"In Haleiwa we had caught 25 one time," Pat Royos said.

She and her husband, Jose, run Royos Farm. They're contracted by the city to trap wild chickens. Their first advice -- feed the flock to get them in one place.

"When the chickens are coming to them and waiting to be fed, that's the time we bring the traps in," she said. "It's like teamwork. We do the laying of the trap, and we catch the chickens. We come and pick them up."

Kridler said the roosters and hens raise a racket at all hours.

"They can start at one o'clock and continue all the way until six or seven. All night straight," he said.

They also make a mess and ruin the hillside across from his home.

"They tear up the hill, so it creates an erosion problem, also. I'm frustrated," he said.

The Royos's have made a dent in the feral chicken population, but that population is still growing. Since they started in 2004, they estimate they've caught about 7,000 roosters and hens. They've given many away to the homeless and others for food.

They offered to help Kridler with his chicken problem.

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