Bills would change fines for texting while driving

HONOLULU (AP) - Texting while driving a commercial vehicle in Hawaii could result in a fine up to $2,750.

That proposal is before the House Transportation Committee Wednesday morning, along with House Bill 2355, which would make unauthorized texting while driving punishable by at least a $100 fine.

All Hawaii counties already have laws prohibiting texting while driving. Honolulu's law imposes a $147 fine and Maui's fine ranges from $100 to $250, depending on the driver's prior offenses.

On Kauai, a first offense nets a $50 fine. Only that county's texting ordinance would have to be adjusted if the proposed state fine passes.

House Bill 2609 would also require commercial drivers to have their licenses with them while driving commercial vehicles. The intent is to bring Hawaii's into compliance with federal law.

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