News You Can Use: The Perfect Brow

(HawaiiNewsNow) - Admit it ladies, in high school we all had some mishaps when it came to our eyebrows. Whether you're correcting past mistakes or shaping your brows for the first time, we've got some great tips to achieve the perfect brow.

Professional cosmetologist Liz Dahl is an expert when it comes to brows. She has some simple tips to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape. "So first we use our orange stick and we measure to see where the brow head should be. Then right where the pupil is should be the beginning of the arch, then of course we take our orange stick and we kind of just do a little diagonal line here so she's missing a few here maybe from over tweezing," she said.

After measuring, Liz puts down oil, not powder, to lubricate the skin for waxing. She says, "I don't believe in powder. A lot of people get their skin ripped off and they get really sensitive." Make sure the wax is on the low to medium setting. If it's too hot it could burn your skin. "Some of the harder waxes have to be hot so I like the fool proof serafin wax that's my favorite," she said. Liz recommends having a professional do it the first time, then you can maintain it on your own if need be. And, shop around! Achieving the perfect brow can cost less than 20 bucks at some salons.

"So right now I'm just trimming, first I'm brushing it up and I'm trimming," she said. Liz then brushes them down and trims again. Now you're ready for tweezing. Liz likes the slanted tweezer best. For thick hairs, use pointy tweezers. Grab it near the root and pull slowly. Next, we fill in the holes. "I'm going to take a pencil first and we're going to do brush strokes. Then we're going to set it with a little bit of brow powder," Liz explains. Twenty minutes later, we've achieved the perfect brow.

Click HERE for a link to Liz Dahl's website.