State launches internet speed test site

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - If you ever wondered if your internet is really as slow or as fast as you think it is, the State has you covered.

On the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs website you can actually test your internet speed.

Just click on the "speed test" tab, scroll down and start the test.

After a just few seconds or minutes, it'll give you your upload and download speeds.

The test isn't just for fun. The State says the data collected will help locate where internet speeds are lagging.

"This is a unique opportunity in which citizens can directly help in an important state initiative," said Governor Abercrombie. "Right now, current technology such as social media allows citizens to share their thoughts with us. As broadband and technology progresses, people will be able to further engage with the state and each other."

Click HERE for a link to the website.

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