Fire at Salvage Company, Monster Surf, Florida Primary

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Fire at Salvage Company
We're following late-breaking news of a raging fire at a Leeward Oahu salvage company. Witnesses reported seeing plumes of black smoke and orange flames in the Campbell Industrial Park area just after 3 this afternoon. Our Ben Gutierrez is at the scene and will have the latest on this 2nd alarm building fire tonight.
D.C. Bound
Exciting news for travelers!  A major airline announces its adding new flights from Honolulu to Washington D.C. Howard Dicus joins us live to explain the flight details and breaks down how it'll impact our tourism industry.
Surfs Up!
Plus...Big waves washed sand onto Farrington Highway overnight and also gave the green light for a big wave surf contest.  Guy Hagi has video of the action and the forecast coming up. Click here to check out our surf slideshow!
C&C App 
See a broken light on the street or an abandoned car in your neighborhood and want to report it to the City?  Well, now there's an app for that and it's pretty cool.  Brooks Baehr will walk you through the steps and show you how it works!

Florida GOP Primary
Who came out on top....Romney or Gingrich?  We're live in Florida at 5:30 tonight as the results of the GOP presidential primary start to roll in!
Taizo's also in studio watching for any slowdowns that'll affect your pau hana commute.
It's going to be a packed Hawaii News Now at 5 & 5:30!  Hope you join Shawn Ching and me!
 See you then!