Dogs in animal cruelty probe up for adoption

Jacque LeBlanc, a spokeswoman for the Hawaiian Humane Society
Jacque LeBlanc, a spokeswoman for the Hawaiian Humane Society

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Hawaiian Humane Society will put up for adoption two pit bull dogs whose attacks on a pig were posted on a Facebook video by a teenage boy, prompting an animal cruelty investigation last week.

The disturbing video showed two pit bulls attacking a pig in a small enclosure in Waianae, images that prompted an animal cruelty investigation.

The two dogs played with Humane Society staffers at the shelter's Waialae Avenue headquarters Monday.

"The owners just decided that they wanted to surrender the dogs.  They no longer wanted the animals, so we were happy to take them in," said Jacque LeBlanc, a spokeswoman for the Hawaiian Humane Society.  Investigators from the animal shelter collected the dogs Thursday night, when they cited a man, 20, for animal cruelty and began cases against three juvenile boys.

The dogs' names are Lady, the black-colored female and Lucky, the male.  Both of them are between one and three years old, according to LeBlanc.

"They're both very happy and loving dogs," she said.

The dogs have some minor medical problems. Lady suffers from a treatable skin condition that has left these visible marks on her body.

Lucky has heartworm, which can be treated with medicine and he's about ten pounds underweight, according to Humane Society staff.

"Given their health conditions, we feel like we can give them the health care that they need and help find suitable adopters," LeBlanc said.

The Humane Society wants to find new homes for the dogs. While Lady is extremely affectionate, Lucky is friendly, but will not go to a family with young children, cats or small animals.

"We think that he may become aggressive, because it looks like from the video that he was involved in aggressive animal behavior, so we want to just make sure to protect the family and find him a special home that can meet his needs," LeBlanc said.

Humane Society officials hope this animal cruelty incident helps to teach people a simple lesson.

"Dogs are companions. We really want people to value their pets as companions, not to encourage aggressive behavior," LeBlanc said.

The pig was not seriously hurt in the attack, and he remains at the home of his owner in Waianae, a man who's the uncle of one of the boys being accused of animal cruelty.

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