Prostitution investigation at professor's home goes back five years

Lawrence Boyd
Lawrence Boyd

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - There are startling new details in the case involving a University of Hawaii professor and an alleged prostitution ring.  It turns out the professor's home was part of an investigation dating back to 2007.  Lawrence Boyd was not the one arrested but the arrest did happen at the professor's Waikiki home.

There is undercover video of a prearranged encounter with a call girl from last Friday.  The meeting place was 250 Ohua Avenue unit 1C in Waikiki which is owned by Professor Boyd, who was confronted by the Hawaii Reporter's Jim Dooley about the case.

"Go back and do some basic investigation," said Boyd, in an interview on Tuesday.

We did.  It turns out there was already an arrest for prostitution in Boyd's condo back on May 15, 2007.  Boyd denies any knowledge.

He also says he rents one of his bedrooms out to a woman named Lorraine Drake who he called a distant relative.

"You know what you ought to do is Google Lorraine Drake.

We did that too.  It turns out there is a wedding announcement between a Lawrence William Boyd Jr. and Michelle Lorraine Drake in the September 2, 2007 Star Bulletin.  Boyd said in the interview earlier this week that Lorraine Drake is paid to help care for disabled wife, but not his actual wife.

"Lorraine is a very unusual person. She is extremely bright. I can't picture her doing this. It doesn't sound like, the, the person you describe," said Boyd.

Is the professor playing dumb?  Or is it an incredible coincidence he is married to a Michelle Lorraine Drake and also rents a room to a Lorraine Drake and really doesn't know his condo is being used for prostitution rendezvous?

"I'm actually kind of glad, you know there were some things... there were some things about this but I just can't believe she'd do that," said Boyd, referring to the roommate.

Police continue to look into the case.

Also Lawrence Boyd does work for the Center for Labor Education and Research or CLEAR, which is under the University of Hawaii.  However we've also learned he hasn't taught a class with students in seven years.

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