UDOWN owner caught in prior incident at State Capitol

Justin McCoy, UDOWN Owner
Justin McCoy, UDOWN Owner

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - After years of denials there's proof that the owner of the company UDOWN has been part of some late night antics.

Caught at the State Capitol, the owner of the UDOWN Shop and three of his buddies have been linked to an attempted vandalism case.  The company has been back in the news recently because of the huge QR code sticker posted on a freeway sign that linked people to the store.

No one has been able to pin any of the previous cases on the company until now.  The company profits off the images of vandalism by selling t-shirts, posters and DVD's of the incidents.

"It bugs us to see so many.  It was cool a couple here and there but it's gotten out of hand.  We're working on it, giving less stickers out to kids," said Justin McCoy, UDOWN Owner in an interview from July 2006 when asked about the vandalism around the island. "I'm not going to lie to you.  I do like to see them but I don't want people to get hurt putting them up."

It turns out he hasn't been exactly truthful.  After that story aired he was caught throwing a wad of his stickers at the seal at the State Capitol.  One of the men that was with him is also an employee who we saw working at the store yesterday.  He also denied any prior involvement.

The UDOWN website says it does not aid, abet, solicit, or counsel anyone to vandalize public and/or private property.  That happens to be the exact same language used in a warning letter to the company from the state.  A few months after the warning letter was written McCoy and the others were caught doing their prank at the Capitol.

We caught up with McCoy today.  He claims they were throwing the ball of stickers at the seal trying to make a gong sound and yes it was going to be part of a video.  But he also says they didn't hurt anything or anybody.  Which is true and authorities let them off with a warning.

As for charges now that it's known he is affiliated with the UDOWN company.  It's not likely to happen unless they are caught in the act again.

McCoy, who is in his 30's, also admits he's getting a bit old for the childish stunts but it's something that's been in his blood since he was younger.

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