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HPD officer killed in the line of duty 'loved this job with a passion'

Garret Davis Garret Davis
Kimberly Chaney Kimberly Chaney
Wade Nakagawa Wade Nakagawa
Louis Kealoha Louis Kealoha
Wendy Inouye Wendy Inouye

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Friends, colleagues, even his former next-door neighbor in Mililani all say the same thing, that Garret Davis was loving life and living his dream. Originally from California, he came to Hawaii specifically to become a Honolulu police officer.

The 28-year-old was killed in the line of duty Saturday night.

Davis joined HPD in July 2008. In just three-and-a-half years, he had already touched the lives of many people.

A memorial -- including flowers, photos, and the message "Aloha Brother Garret" -- is set up at the Wahiawa police station for an officer who, colleagues say, always came to work happy.

"He loved this job with a passion," Officer Kimberly Chaney, Davis' recruit school classmate, said. "He always greeted you with a smile, never had a negative thing to say."

"You kind of take the young bloods under your wing and try to show them the right way," Corporal Wade Nakagawa, Davis' former co-worker, said. "He was always receptive to everything, took criticism well. He tried his best."

Fellow officers are now grieving. Garret Davis was killed in a fiery crash on the H1 Freeway Saturday, while he was trying to assist a motorist with a flat tire.

"Our job is very dangerous," Chaney said through tears. "All we ask is that people, when they see us on the freeway, please slow down, maybe move one lane over because it's very dangerous for us out there."

Davis was a member of the department's 161st recruit class, which adopted "Lanakila" -- meaning victory or to overcome -- as its motto.

He quickly proved he could overcome any fears. In 2010, HPD awarded the young officer and non-swimmer a Certificate of Merit for saving a suicidal woman in waters about two miles off Haleiwa.

"Although not a swimmer himself, Officer Davis assisted lifeguards on a personal watercraft and was able to bring the woman to shore safely," Chief Louis Kealoha, Honolulu Police Department, said.

But that's the sort of thing one does when he's living his dream. Davis had a specific goal when he left California for Hawaii.

"He moved here because he wanted to become a police officer," Wendy Inouye, Davis' former next-door neighbor, said. "He took his schooling very seriously. He was just a nice man."

"He was a great officer," Nakagawa said through tears. "He always put everybody else before him. It's just hard."

Officer Davis was also a proud father, constantly showing off photos of his child. Colleagues say his daughter was born when he was in the police academy.


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