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Chris Tanaka

I'm a workaholic.  I'll work from home, from a coffee shop, from a parked car, airport, hotel or restaurant.  Of course, my work is sports, so none of it is really ‘work', and being a ‘workaholic' is really just another word for being a sports fan.  However, as much as I love sports, being a sports journalist wasn't my first, second or third career choice.  Those would probably be a professional football player, baseball player, or golfer.  All three of those dreams died when I made the astute observation that I'd never be any taller than 5'11", and was completely marginal in any and all athletic endeavor I undertook.

However, having the good fortune to cover such incredible athletes for a living isn't such a bad gig.  Sports is something that is about so much more than an event, just as the athletes are more than participants.  Sports gives a high school its colors, a fan base its fight  song and a community its identity.  These events unite us, bind us in a shared passion that transcends financial strata, religious background, or geographical location.  You can meet a UH fan thousands of miles away and share a high-five.  You can see a Yankees fan in every part of the country, and despise him accordingly (yeah, I said it!).  Life in Hawaii is the embodiment of all that is good about sports.  It is an honor to serve the people of the state, and share the stories of these athletes. 

When I'm not at work (or ‘working' from home), I enjoy running, surfing, golfing…or just laying around on a beach.  My wife and I are loving life, and have a profound respect and gratitude for the opportunity to live in Hawaii.  Together, we are always looking for good food and fun adventures!