News You Can Use: Bicycle Maintenance

By: Malika Dudley

HONOLULU, Oahu (HawaiiNewsNow) - Lots of people are getting their old bicycles out, trying to save a few dollars on gas but is that old bike still safe to ride? Has it been a while since you've ridden that bike that was in storage? Chances are you need a tune up.

Scott Chaney is the service manager at the bike shop. He sees all kinds of bicycle maintenance issues. "A lot of people come out and their tires are flat, thing looks really rusty. You should have someone check it out to make sure it's safe to ride whether the breaks are working, tires are holding air, whether the pedals are just going to turn," he said.

Here are a few simple tips to make sure your bike is still safe to ride. "You're looking at the sides of the tires, this one looks pretty good. Sometimes they start to rot especially in wet or sunny climates and they'll come apart," said Scott. To keep that from happening, Scott recommends storing your bike in a cool, dry place.

Tip number two - check your oil. "Generally you can see like on this one here, it doesn't look too bad but if there's a little bit of rust run your finger on here, it's coming off kind of dry," he said. If the chain is dry, you need to oil it up. Peddle the bike backwards and slowly add oil, link by link. If you added too much oil, simply take a rag and remove the excess.

Tip number three - check your brakes. "Make sure that the shoes still have grooves in them like the front one does here. See these little grooves, it's a wear indicator that your shoes are still good," Scott said. If you see any of these signs, take your bike into a shop ASAP, and like a doctor visit, preventative care is always best. "When it starts making noise It means you're probably going to be spending twice as much as you would for a tune up," he said. A basic tune up is affordable, costing around 40 bucks. It's recommended to get a tune up about once a year.

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