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FBI: Bogus security officer at Honolulu Airport posed no aviation threat

Dan Meisenzahl, state Department of Transportation Dan Meisenzahl, state Department of Transportation

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The FBI has completed its investigation into the ex-security guard who was caught at the Honolulu International Airport wearing a uniform that didn't belong to him.

The FBI, the state Attorney General's office, and the state Sheriff's Division were among those looking into the case.

"Based on the FBI's assessment of the situation, there is no indication of any threat to aviation or violation of federal laws," Tom Simon, FBI special agent, said. "We are deferring this matter back to local authorities for whatever investigation they deem appropriate."

A Securitas employee assigned to the airport was near Baggage Claim C Friday night, when he saw a man whom he didn't recognize walking around in a Securitas uniform.

"This gentleman was unfamiliar to everybody," Dan Meisenzahl, state Department of Transportation, said. "This is the reason why he was singled out."

State transportation officials say the security officer confronted the theft suspect and discovered that he was also in possession of an Air Operations Area, or AOA, airport badge that was reported missing and had expired in 2010.

"The Securitas personnel, who was now joined by other guards, they would not let this gentleman get away," Meisenzahl said. "Eventually, he had some sort of medical episode. The paramedics were called. He had some sort of seizure."

Authorities believe he may have faked the seizure. He was taken to a hospital and was questioned, but has not been arrested.

It's not yet clear how the man got his hands on the uniform and how long he had been using it.

"Right now, Securitas is trying to figure out exactly where this uniform came from," Meisenzahl said.

"Is there any indication that the gentleman had been at the airport prior to actually being caught on this particular day, that he had been using this uniform on more than one occasion?" this reporter asked.

"We have no idea about that," Meisenzahl replied. "The investigation is continuing."

Meanwhile, FBI anti-terrorism agents were interested in speaking to the suspect about his motive at the airport. They have since completed their probe.

"One thing that we do know is that there was no way that this gentleman could have gone into the secure area of the airport," Meisenzahl said. "His airport badge expired. He would not have been able to go into any of the pass doors that need a code to go through."

Securitas did not return our phone call.

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