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Terry's Take


THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN is 3-D animation from director Steven Spielberg.

The movie entertained me with its dazzling visuals and non stop action for about thirty or forty minutes.
after that...I felt bombarded, overloaded, and finally unable to follow what should have been a simple plot.
Tintin is a boy reporter in the 1930's who along with his dog, Snowy, pursues a famous treasure that was buried long ago in a sunken ship. Along the way the boy partners with a drunken sea captain voiced by Andy Serkis.
The two are in a constant race with the villain of the tale, the evil Sakharine voiced by Daniel Craig.
Although the plot of this boy's adventure story is fiendishly complicated, the dialog is full of cliches. Here are some examples:

"I will find that ship with or without your help."

"I'm warning you. Get out while you still can.These people do not play nice."

"How could you let them escape?"

The terrific animation is based on motion capture video of real actors, and much of it is amazing to watch--truly the creation of an unfettered imagination.

But too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing: THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN is almost guaranteed to lose the attention of children and wear out its welcome with many adults.

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