Chow publicly introduces Warrior coaching staff

By Mike Cherry

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – In front of a crowd of roughly 200 University of Hawaii supporters, Norm Chow was re-introduced in front of a public audience at the Hukilau restaurant in downtown Honolulu Wednesday.

Introducing Chow was Gov. Neil Abercrombie, and as Abercrombie put it, it was a chance for Norm to interact with fans and backers of the program in what was a positive, energetic environment.

Chow also took the time to announce the hiring of defensive coordinator Tom Kaumeyer who spent last year with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

"He's going to have free reign to do what he wants but I want him to be very very aggressive, and get after people, Said Chow.

"I think that's what the players who have been in Hawaii are used to -- it means we're going to have to play tough coverage in the secondary, man to man coverage, but we're going to mix it up and Thom's all for that."

Chow added that he and his staff will meet with returning players during a meeting Thursday, and will continue to hit the recruiting trail beginning Friday.

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