Eddie no go? Willoughby in court, Iowa caucuses

Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

Tonight at 5, we're live on the North Shore of Oahu as the first giant swell of the year rolls in. Waves could reach up to 35 feet but contest organizers say the surf may not be big enough for the "Eddie" to go. Lisa Kubota has more on that while Guy Hagi fills us in on the High Surf Warning and the dangerous conditions beachgoers and residents could see.

Former UH Wahine Volleyball star Kim Willoughby appeared in court to ask a judge to release her from probation early. The ex-volleyball standout was convicted for assaulting a woman at a night club. Minna Sugimoto was in the courtroom and brings us the judge's decision.

Our national correspondent Danielle Nottingham will bring us a live report on Hawaii News Now at 5:30 about the first day of the Iowa caucuses as voters make their picks for Republican Presidential candidates known.

Also at 5:30.. If you've been to Las Vegas, then you've seen how people react when they hit the jackpot!!! Wait'll you see a little boy's priceless reaction when he opened his Christmas present! We'll show you the surprise gift Santa got him.


Stephanie Lum