Victim of deadly stabbing was father of five who planned to leave Hawaii next month

Acme John's body was found in the middle of a street in Kalihi
Acme John's body was found in the middle of a street in Kalihi
Joseph John, victim's brother
Joseph John, victim's brother

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

KALIHI (HawaiiNewsNow) - The victim of a fatal stabbing in Kalihi is being described as a family man who was preparing to leave Hawaii as early as next month because he couldn't find a steady job here.

Honolulu police have opened a murder investigation and are asking for the public's help with the case.

Acme John's body was found in the middle of a street in Kalihi, just steps away from the apartment building where he lived with his brother.

"Still remembering him, like when we get up in the morning, we talk story," Joseph John, victim's brother, said.

Joseph John is still coming to grips with the fact that his big brother, 43-year-old Acme, is gone.

After Acme's body was discovered on Kahai Street early Wednesday morning, police showed up at Joseph's apartment to deliver the news.

"They showed me on their iPhone. They took picture of him," Joseph John said. "I said, oh man. I really shocked, get shocked because I see him all bruises in his face."

But the facial wounds didn't kill him. An autopsy found the victim died from a stab wound to his chest with injuries to his heart.

Joseph can't understand it, saying that his brother was a quiet man who didn't drink, smoke or look for trouble.

"He no do such things as drugs, stuff like that," he said. "He no hang around with people. He just stay with me."

He says many people, including Acme, would gather on the street at night to catch a wireless Internet connection. He wonders whether his brother was killed over his laptop, which is missing, and hopes witnesses will come forward.

"I hope if there's information out there, just please do so," the victim's brother said.

Joseph says his brother had five children ranging in age from three to 18, and came to Hawaii from the Marshall Islands in March 2010 in search of a better-paying job. But Acme had recently told him that he wanted to return home to his family.

"I said end of this year, I'll try to get you a ticket and then you go to your family," Joseph John said. "But he never make it."

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