Unusual protests, a 'Nurse-in'? A legend about the Pearl Harbor attack debunk?

We're covering some unusual protests in tonight's 10 o'clock news, starting with a roadside rally over fish on Maui.  See why animal lovers are pushing for a change in the law.

Also, we've all heard of 'sit-ins', but how about a 'nurse-in'?  Tonight, nursing mothers are rallying for their right to breastfeed in public.  We'll take you to their demonstration inside an Oahu store.

It's a date night for President Obama and the First Lady.  We're tracking their dinner at an old friend's place in Waikiki.

And what if a legend about the Pearl Harbor attack isn't true?  A 96 year old woman in Laie is helping to debunk a myth that's published for years.

Hope to see you at 10,