Pres. Obama Trip Backlash, Kim Jong-il Funeral, Most Admired

President Obama remains under fire for his Hawaiian holiday. GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney criticized the President's plans while no payroll tax cut extension was in place. Now, a website called "Wasted in Hawaii: President Obama's Hawaiian Binge" is giving critics a place to vent. Creator Tyler Ament says the President doesn't seem to understand "a leader is supposed to suffer with the people he serves. He could go to Camp David or his million dollar home in Chicago and show solidarity with the rest of us who made sacrifices."

The First Family spent yesterday at Hanauma Bay and Sea Life Park. They'll celebrate New Year's in Hawaii before heading back to Washington D.C.

President Obama has been named the "Most Admired Man in the World" for the 4th year in a USA Today/Gallup poll. But, longest streak honors go to his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. She's been the "Most Admired Woman" for a record 16 times since 1993.

Happening today, Thousands have gathered in Pyongyang's Kim il-sung Square for the Kim Jong-il's funeral. We'll have much more on the funeral coming up on Sunrise.

Weather Now: A wind advisory is on for Haleakala and Big Island summits through Wednesday. Gusts could top 50 mph. A small craft advisory is posted for parts of Maui County and waters south of the Big Island. The breezy tradewinds will linger through Thursday before slowing Friday. We could also see light rain overnight.

United Fish Agency hopes a few ships will come in time to supply sashimi grade ahi for New Year's celebrations. The outlook isn't great for this upcoming week and that could drive up prices.

A "nurse in" will take place at Target stores nationwide today. It was inspired by a Texas mom who says employees harassed her as she nursed her son inside a store. The "Target nurse-in" facebook page has thousands of members. The retailer has apologized to the mother, and says employees will "feel proud to support" nursing mothers who show up to protest.

Also this morning on Sunrise, the "local Divas" will reunite for a preview of their New Year's Eve show. Carole Kai, Melveen Leed, and Noelani Cypriano will perform for us live on Sunrise. Plus, post your questions on our Facebook page. It's time for another edition of "Ask Howard."

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Tannya Joaquin