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UPDATE: Suspected Toys "R" Us thieves surrender

4 women accused of stealing toys from a Windward Mall toy store surrender to police 4 women accused of stealing toys from a Windward Mall toy store surrender to police
Attorney Myles Breiner says the toys have been returned to Toys "R" Us Attorney Myles Breiner says the toys have been returned to Toys "R" Us

KANEOHE (HawaiiNewsNow) - Four of the women caught on camera stealing toys from Windward Mall turned themselves in on Tuesday. The items were also returned to Toys "R" Us, but the store manager said many items are still missing. After releasing the surveillance video from the December 1 theft, police received dozens of tips. Some of the alleged thieves, one of them six months pregnant, headed to the Kaneohe police station.

The suspects didn't seem to notice the surveillance camera capturing their crime, but as they waited to be booked at the police station they suddenly became camera-shy.

"They're embarrassed. They're humiliated. They've been reading the blogs online. They've been getting phone calls from friends and people that know them," said attorney Myles Breiner.

Police arrested four women for second-degree theft: Maria Napierala-Dias, Shardale Young-McEnroe, Shanelle Sofa and Jasmine Afong. Afong also posted $750 bail for an outstanding traffic warrant.

All of them were released pending investigation. Breiner expects the case to go on for up to 3 months before any charges are made.

"They'll investigate. I'm sure they'll make inquiries of other stores. They'll look at other videotapes. If this is an isolated incident, then the case will be charged accordingly. If there are other cases, they'll charge them as a group of incidents," Breiner explained.

Breiner said 24 toys that had been turned in to his office were picked up by HPD and Toys "R" Us. The store manager said more than half the stolen items are still missing, but Breiner insisted that everything the suspects took was returned.

"If they have any other losses those losses could easily have been from other people," Breiner said. "The video that I've seen reflects maybe a dozen or more, maybe over a dozen items, but if we're talking dozens and dozens of items, that I think a little extreme."

Breiner said most of the suspects are struggling young moms who planned to give the stolen toys to their children for Christmas. At least one of the women has a criminal record. Sofa was found guilty last year of disorderly conduct and operating a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant.

"It's been unpleasant. They recognize that they made a mistake and that they're paying the price for it," Breiner said.

According to Breiner, another woman and man involved in the theft are off-island. They're expected to turn themselves in by Monday.


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