Gift cards draw people to stores day after Christmas

Jane Umeda
Jane Umeda

By Ramsay Wharton – bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The day after Christmas has lots of customers heading back to the malls. Either to return; exchange or purchase more items, keeping local retailers busy.

What keep's customers coming back for more shopping is the deep discounts from retailers. Which is why businesses have offered more price deals and discounts, hoping shoppers will spend more money even after the holidays.

"They had 50 percent off blouses yeah, plus additional, I don't know, 10 percent off. But it didn't make the 20 dollars total, so I looked and looked and looked and I got an ornament, and they're 75 percent off. So this is like 5 dollars. So I made my 25 dollars and 25 cents, and I used my ten dollars off coupon, and I got everything for $15. Reporter: Good deal? Good deal. Good deal," said Jane Umeda of Hawaii Kai.

Many retailers are seeing shoppers come back for more, but by using a gift card. They were the hot sellers this holiday season. Simple and seemed like the perfect present.

"You buy $100 worth and you get $20. You can either give the $20 away or keep it for yourself. I thought that was a good deal."

Gift card sales have continued to climb since 2005.