Local Connection: Turkey Time

By Rick Blangiardi

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow)- It's late November, where our thoughts turn from APEC trade to L-Triptophan.

So where do you stand on rushing the season and opening stores on thanksgiving? Let's talk Turkey.

In other years we could wax indignant.

Those nasty retailers couldn't wait until December to begin selling us Christmas gifts.

This year, I think we all know the retailers are acting out of necessity. The first half of the year was really slow. Retailers could use a busy holiday season. Some of these people make half their annual sales between now and New Year's.

So that's what's in it for them - what's in it for us? There may be some people who want to make an early start because they're working long hours.

They don't want to be caught in a stressful last minute rush to do their shopping. For others, let's face it, it was a tough year, and we need a little Christmas.

Not only that, but with unemployment down a little, and tourism up, it may be affordable. Most who see me give this message can probably handle the costs of the season.

If you can help someone who's not in that position, that would be a wonderful thing. It could be direct help to a relative, or a small business hiring someone who really needs a job.

It could be a gift to the Foodbank or to your own favorite charity.

You might even make the effort to direct some of your seasonal shopping to a locally-owned business. Whatever giving you decide to do this holiday season, I hope it gives you joy and satisfaction.

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