Looking back at President Obama's visits to Hawaii

First Family
First Family

By Ramsay Wharton

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - This is President Obama's fourth Christmas in Hawaii. And as sure as the sun rises, something seems to always go wrong for him while he's here.

Either an international incident, security concern or surprises with the media.

Obama's first Christmas home as President and his anxious return to his local ways were splashed across the New York Post. "Fit" for office" it read. He hit the surf, like many do, shirtless, but the photo caused a field day in the press. Opponents used it against him claiming he wasn't presidential enough while others touted his more athletic side.

This was also the time that the President joined the rest of us on Oahu, in the dark. The blackout of 2008 wreaked havoc on our way of life for nearly 24 hours, and likely kept secret service on edge.

2009 was a big year. The President cut short his golf game and raced his motorcade back to Kailua after the child of a close friend was hurt. The feds also arrested Kristy Lee Roshia for allegedly threatened to kill his wife.

But it was the failed Christmas Day attack of a U.S. jetliner that garnered world attention. Al Qaeda trained Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to blow up a Detroit bound Northwest airlines flight. The explosives did detonate while hidden in the man's underwear, but the blast was nothing like what he'd plan.

The President addressed the media the next day, and the White House used it to highlight that a President is never truly on vacation.

Then last year, even Obama's vacation style was questioned when the New York Post asked whether or not Obama should even be wearing slippers, or flip flops as their called on the mainland.

And then there was a bit more troubling incident closer to the First Family's vacation home. Honolulu police were chasing down a criminal when the suspect took a wrong turn and drove right through a secret service checkpoint, causing quite a security scare.

So here's to a less problematic stay in the islands for the First Family this Christmas vacation.

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