Open arms for Chow, Brazen toy thieves, Holiday forecast

Tonight on Hawaii News Now at 10 ... Chow "Wows' the Warrior faithful at his introduction as the new head coach of the U.H. Football Team. And then he rubbed elbows with football boosters at the Governor's place. Sports Director, Chris Tanaka, Mike Cherry, and Ben Gutierrez will have more on Chow's welcome party.

Also tonight, why Hawaii could lose millions of dollars in federal funding for education.

Maybe you can help Honolulu Police catch some brazen toy thieves. Wait till you see the video of these blatant crooks. We'll show that to you at 10.

And Guy Hagi says if you're hoping for bright, sunny conditions for Christmas day ... it's not looking very good.

See you at 10!


Shawn Ching