Man shot during brazen robbery at Christmas party in Waialua

Phou Sayamphone
Phou Sayamphone
Vixay Leunamchack
Vixay Leunamchack

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

WAIALUA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Honolulu police are searching for suspects in a brazen robbery at a Christmas party on a farm in Waialua. One of the victims was shot in the leg and was last reported to be in stable condition.

A bullet hole in the blood-stained carpet served as a reminder of a Christmas party gone bad.

Phou Sayamphone says she went into the hut to make chicken noodle soup for her guests, who had been drinking, and was startled by a commotion outside.

"I heard like f***in lay down, f***in lay down, and I just close my eyes and then don't see anything, too scary," she said.

It happened at Valley 2 Farm off Kaupe Road at about 11:30 PM Tuesday. The party-goers told investigators that five masked men armed with handguns ran up the dirt road and ordered them to the ground.

Sayamphone's boyfriend, Vixay Leunamchack, was in another room and was jolted awake.

"Wake up and open the door, open like this," he said. "I saw all the face masks."

He says he retreated and called 911 to report a robbery in progress, but struggled to explain the location of the small farm, which is among several others in a remote area in Waialua.

Suddenly, he heard gunfire.

"Soon, about two, three minutes, the shot come," Leunamchack said. "Boom!"

"Did you hear the gunshot?" this reporter asked Sayamphone.

"Yes, and everybody screamed," she replied.

One of their guests, a 36-year-old man, was shot in the thigh.

"He like cry very loud, you know," Sayamphone said. "Everybody run to him and then see a lot of blood."

She says the suspects fled with bags, wallets and jewelry, but forgot the masking tape they used to tape up one of their victims.

Leunamchack dug around for the bullet that went through his friend's leg. His mind was focused on the holiday party that was ruined.

"Make me angry, too," he said. "My friend coming. I don't like it."

If you have any information about this case, call police.

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