Today On Sunrise: Winds Intensify, Flood Watch Canceled, Overnight Stabbing

Make sure your Christmas decorations are secure. Winds will intensify today to 15-30 mph with gusts to 45 mph. Scattered showers with pockets of heavier rain are possible in windward areas, occasionally drifting to leeward neighborhoods. However, a flash flood watch has been canceled for the Big Island. Malika Dudley will have weather updates every 10 minutes on Sunrise.

A couple of ocean advisories to tell you about. Watch out for Box Jellyfish. An advisory is posted through today. A high surf advisory is in effect for the East Side.

Breaking News: Emergency officials say a 55-year-old man was taken to Queens Hospital in serious condition after being stabbed Tuesday morning.  It happened on Apowale Street in Waipahu around 3:00 a.m. Neighbors say the incident occurred at some kind of a care home but it's not clear what type.  No word yet on what led to the stabbing or if any suspects are in custody.

The day after Governor Abercrombie revealed his supplemental budget for 2013, Hawaii state tax revenues are up. Howard Dicus will crunch the numbers for us.

Happening today... A Honolulu Police Major being held on drug and extortion sales is expected to be released today, Christmas will come to homeless families living on the beach near Makaha, and we welcome home the national cheerleading champs from Mililani High.

Also today, President Obama marks the end of the war in Iraq at a special ceremony at joint base Andrews in Maryland. We'll bring you that coverage live as soon as it happens just after 7 this morning. You can watch Teri Okita's special reports documenting the journey home for the last soldiers from Schofield on our website.

This morning on Sunrise, we'll also have great gift ideas for men, a preview of the Legends concert featuring dead ringers for Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, and announce our first Pro Bowl giveaway winner. You can enter our contest on our Hawaii News Now facebook page.

Hope you can join us for Sunrise!


Tannya Joaquin