Coming Up on Hawaii News Now Thursday

Tonight on Hawaii News Now at 5 and 530 ... Ever wonder what would happen if one of our volcanoes went ballistic? We'll hear from a scientist who believes Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii Island may eventually turn violent. When does he think this will happen? Jim Mendoza will have that story for us at 5.

The war in Iraq has quietly -- and officially -- come to an end. We'll take you to Iraq for the solemn ceremony marking the end to the nearly decade long war.

Back in the islands, a precocious Hawaiian Monk Seal has a new home -- and even goes by a new name. The new address for the seal formally known as "KP2," tonight on Hawaii News Now.

And Guy Hagi says we're in store for more wind and waves. He'll have the latest starting tonight at 5.

That's it for now -- we'll have these stories and more when you join Stephanie Lum and me tonight at 5 and 5:30.


Shawn Ching