Habilitat Christmas Tree Lots

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Habilitat is a self supporting, long term, drug and alcohol treatment center that does not rely on state or government funding. It remains self supporting by performing services such as construction, landscaping, remodeling and catering, and by holding two large scale fundraisers every year, a Christmas tree fundraiser and a luau, auction and benefit concert. Annually, Habilitat orchestrates their Christmas tree project to raise funds for tuition and operating expenses at their Kaneohe facility.  Over 110 residents of the highly recognized substance abuse program will take part in organizing this fundraiser. This is a large scale fundraising venture that will distribute over 7,000 products. Getting the community involved plays a huge role in the outcome of this project, with all proceeds going directly back into the program. Habilitat's success rate is about 54% at the five year mark after graduation, roughly 3 times the national average for substance abuse programs. Habilitat is currently in its 37th year of providing local businesses and residents with all of their Christmas needs. By purchasing trees and decorations through Habilitat, people will be helping to keep its doors open to the sons and daughters of Hawaii who struggle with substance abuse.