Heavy rain & high tide floods Mapunapuna

Flooding in Mapunapuna
Flooding in Mapunapuna
Owner of Island demo Mike Leary and his flooded business in Mapunapuna
Owner of Island demo Mike Leary and his flooded business in Mapunapuna

By Malika Dudley - bio | email

MAPUNAPUNA (HawaiiNewsNow)  - Flooding has plagued Mapunapuna for decades because the area is below sea level.

A high tide this morning of 2.3 coincided with a drenching from Mother Nature resulted in something businesses in the area have seen time and time again.

"The last time we had a major flood in here as you can see we have a water line right here, so that's like almost two feet of water," said Abby Caravallo of Island Demo.

Island demo owner Mike Leary says over the last 23 years, his business has flooded a dozen times.

"No one told us it really flooded when we first got in here." "You can't get flood insurance here because it floods so they won't give you flood insurance."

Eight months ago a project meant to fix the problem made headlines. The city spent $600,000 installing duckbill valves into the canal.

"They spent big money on engineering trying to fix everything but it's not working, it never has worked, they tried though," said Leary.

The city tells Hawaii News Now an engineer with Department of Design and Construction went to the site to personally assess the situation. The city says it will address the issue.

Island Demo estimates damage to be around $100,000.

"We put in a new floor but now. It's gone. The dry wall has to be redone because it molds."  "This is going to be all day and the next maybe week to get everything dried out, dehumidifier everything opened up and files everything in the file cabinets, the last two file cabinets is flooded and muck water."

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