Movie Review: HUGO

HUGO is from talented director, Martin Scorsese, whose film, THE DEPARTED, won an Oscar five years ago.

I admire nearly all of Scorsese's many movies, but I have to say that although HUGO's 3D visuals are magnificent...for me, the story and the acting are dull.
Most of HUGO is set in a Paris subway station in the 1930's. Asa Butterfield plays Hugo, a young orphan boy, who lives inside the walls of the station and keeps its many clocks running.
Sacha Baron Cohen plays the train station inspector who's determined to catch Hugo.

Really, for much of this film it seems to me the actors are trying to impersonate animated characters instead of real people. Even the great Ben Kingsley, who plays a man that runs a subway station toy store, seems like a caricature.
Kingsley's role is based on a real French magician and filmmaker, George Melies, who created the first science fiction film, A TRIP TO THE MOON, in the early 1920's.

By the 1930's Melies has fallen into obscurity, but Hugo will help restore the former director to his rightful place in film history with the help of the old man's god daughter played by Chloe Grace Moretz.
HUGO is long and slow and overly sentimental.
it does have some of the best 3D cinematography I've ever seen, but unfortunately, that's not enough for me to recommend it. After the first 15 minutes kids will be bored and so will most parents.