Questions revolve around McMackin's departure

Bobby Curran
Bobby Curran
Honolulu Star-Advertiser sports columnist Dave Reardon
Honolulu Star-Advertiser sports columnist Dave Reardon

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - As the nationwide search continues for the next head coach of the Warrior football team questions still revolve around the exit of Greg McMackin.

It's not the why, but the how that's still puzzling.

"Could you walk away from nearly half of a million dollars?  Well, I suppose if I didn't have much of an alternative."

Bobby Curran is the radio voice for UH sports, he believes that labeling Greg McMackin's departure a "retirement" was part of an exit strategy mapped out by the university.

"It allows the coach to leave here with people feeling well about him. 44-years of coaching ending with dignity. With people feeling good, the program getting a boost, and the university being satisfied," said Curran.

What kind of boost UH receives is yet to be determined, but with Coach Mack leaving 500-thousand dollars on the bargaining table a clear plan must be laid out.

"It has to be determined if it hasn't been yet, how much of that money will they spend on a new coach and Athletic Director Jim Donovan said yesterday, that that will probably be determined by what type of quality of finalists they can come up with in the next week or two here," said Honolulu Star-Advertiser sports columnist Dave Reardon.

Hawaii's future could be present interim head coach, Rich Miano. An assistant for 13 seasons, Curran feels Miano's familiarity with Hawaii makes him an ideal candidate.

"He's been the walk on recruiting coordinator for how many years. One of the most successful ones in the country. He's got the energy, everybody knows, and the drive, at the very least to be a terrific steward for this interim period. My feeling is it's got to be Rich or better."

No matter who it is returning the program to its winning ways is a given. It's the intangibles that could determine the tenure of the next head coach.

"When he gets on board, he has to be like McMackin when he came on board in 2008. Full of energy, lot of recruiting. Lot of hand shaking, almost like a politician in a way, but with some sincerity and just letting people know that you're out there 24-7 to make the program better," said Reardon.

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