Hunting dogs maul hiker's pet

Amanda McCracken
Amanda McCracken
Oahu Pig Hunters Association president Ollie Lunasco
Oahu Pig Hunters Association president Ollie Lunasco

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

AIEA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Second grade school teacher Amanda McCracken was at the end of her hike on Manana Trail Saturday with her dog, Nani, when it happened.

"There was a stampede," she said. "It was literally six or eight dogs that were out to get her. They wanted blood. One pinned her down by the neck."

The mauling by hunting dogs broke one of Nani's ribs. She has more than a dozen bite punctures, most of them on her right side.

"I could just hear her screaming in pain. That was the worst sound," McCracken said.

Oahu Pig Hunters Association president Ollie Lunasco calls the incident unfortunate. He said it points up the need for hunters and hikers to follow the rules.

"Hikers with pets must have their pets leashed at all times.  Hunters must be in control of their dogs in the pursuit of the game. They don't have to have their dogs leashed," he said.

Nani wasn't on a leash. McCracken said the hunters weren't in control of their animals. They showed up after the attack but didn't offer to help.

"I did see a couple of guys come after them," she said. "They started beating their dogs, which is not okay either. You're by a major hike that a lot of people use. You're by houses. This hike is in a resident area. Just be responsible."

Lunasco said attacks like this are rare.

"I've advocated keeping pet dogs out of hunting areas to eliminate that problem," he said.

Nearly all of Oahu's hiking trails wind through pig hunting territory.

McCracken hikes every weekend. She's never had trouble before.

"I'm never taking her hiking here again in Hawaii," she said.

Nani's hiking days may be over anyway. Her right hind leg is so badly damaged it may have to be amputated.

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