Occupy Honolulu monitoring evictions in other cities

D'Angelo McIntyre
D'Angelo McIntyre
Michael Vandemark
Michael Vandemark

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Occupy Honolulu protestors camping on the sidewalk near Thomas Square are closely monitoring eviction deadlines in other cities.

The deadline has passed for demonstrators in Philadelphia and officials have not taken any action yet.

Los Angeles police planned to shut down a protest camp at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, but many of the demonstrators intended to defy the order.

Meanwhile, demonstrators in Honolulu are waiting to see what happens.

"We figure that the cops here and the city officials, they are looking to LA and what's happening in Zuccotti Park as to how to deal with us," said Occupy Honolulu protestor D'Angelo McIntyre.

Occupy Honolulu's encampment at Thomas Square started 23 days ago. The demonstrators recently protested at a Honolulu City Council hearing on Bill 54 which would prohibit personal items stored on public property. The council has scheduled a final vote on December 7.

"I know that all of us from LA to New York to here are going to stand firm. They can give out whatever eviction notice they want to. You can't evict freedom of speech," said McIntyre.

The protestors are closely monitoring events online and they've even set up a live stream of their camp site.

"We're not going anywhere. They will have to haul us to jail. That's the bottom line because we do have a right to assembly and free speech," said Occupy Honolulu protestor Michael Vandemark.

"What I hope to see change is a complete teardown and transformation of the system that we are all accustomed to because it does not have our best interest at heart," said McIntyre.

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