Tonight on KGMB & KHNL

Tonight at 10, a Kapolei man is booked for the hit & run death of an HPU student.  We're there as his smashed BMW is towed into HPD headquarters.

Also, an anonymous letter accuses unnamed UH football players of point-shaving to win bets.  Find out why HPD is choosing not to investigate.

Plus, you know that giant floating golf ball at Pearl Harbor?  It's actually the Sea-Based X-Band Radar, a.k.a. the SBX.  Tonight, Ramsay Wharton takes on an exclusive tour on-board.

We're following world champion surfer Carissa Moore as she takes on the men in the Triple Crown.  Too bad the waves stink!

And Guy's still tracking Hurricane Kenneth, and our chances for some rain later next week.

Hope to see you at 10!