Police investigating armed robbery attempt in Maili

MAILI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Honolulu police are looking for up to six young men involved in an armed robbery attempt at a home on Makona Street in Maili around 1:45 a.m. Monday.

Carlton Song, 57, said he went to his front door to see what his dog was barking at when he was confronted by three men.

"Two had weapons," said Song, who delivers papers for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. "I don't know these people. I have no idea."

Song described the weapons used by the suspects as a sawed-off shotgun and a semi-automatic handgun.

The suspects scattered when Song scuffled with one of the men.

Neighbors also heard the commotion and came to help. They described the men as teenagers to early 20s are say they are known in the community.

Residents say they're surprised by the violent crime on their quite street and even more stunned that Song is the victim.

Neighbors describe Song as a helpful and nice person. Song believes the crime may be related to someone he hired in the past to help with paper deliveries.

Police arrested one teenager at the scene, but booked him on an unrelated offense.

Police also confiscated two bicycles left at the scene by some of the suspects.

The young men are described as wearing grey hoodies during the crime.

Some area residents say they believe some of the young men involved are tied to the recent laptop thefts from Leihoku Elementary in September.

Anyone with information on the suspects or the crime is asked to call police.

Hawaii News Now's Ramsay Wharton is following the story.

We'll have more details on this story as it becomes available.

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