Real Estate of Mind: Flooring Your Potential Buyers

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - If you are putting your house on the market and looking for a way to make it stand out from the rest, new flooring may be the answer. On today's Real Estate of Mind, Roberta "Bobbie" Arakawa, a realtor associate with Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties gave us some tips. Check out the video.

1.  How can new carpet or flooring make a difference in price or speed of sale? 

The flooring is the most abused part of the home and will show the most wear.  When showing a perspective buyer, the goal is to have the buyer form an emotional attachment to your property.  It's hard to do that if the floor is damaged or stained.  You want to create an environment where the buyer can envision their life and lifestyle in your property.  That is also why realtors will stage homes.  New, clean, and fresh flooring will help this process so your home may sell more quickly.

2.  Can new flooring enhance a home's value?

Your choice in flooring could enhance the value of the home.  According to the WFCA, wood flooring has been shown to increase the market price of homes. Additionally, wood floors—or today's beautiful laminate floors--can make your home stand out compared to others.

3.  How do you determine which flooring to select when you're selling your home?  

When you're selling a home, you have to consider your budget and other properties in your price range.  Carpet is the most cost effective and the fastest to install.  Hard Surface Products such as Wood, Laminate, Stones, etc... have more of a "WOW" factor and are the flooring products of choice now, particularly in upper-end homes.  A million dollar home with carpet will not be as appealing as a home with wood and stone.

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