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SPECIAL REPORT: Hawaii Five-0's Mark Dacascos

Mark Dacascos plays bad guy Wo-Fat on Hawaii 5-0... Mark Dacascos plays bad guy Wo-Fat on Hawaii 5-0...
...but is a different guy "behind-the-scenes". ...but is a different guy "behind-the-scenes".
Mark Dacascos with his Dad, Al, on Lime Street Mark Dacascos with his Dad, Al, on Lime Street
Dacascos & his family Dacascos & his family
Chris Lancaster - Mark's Auntie Chris Lancaster - Mark's Auntie

By Malika Dudley - bio | email

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KALIHI, Oahu (HawaiiNewsNow) - The crew on the set of Hawaii Five-0 describe him as genuine. On set, he's the guy who's always got a handshake and a smile for you. That is, when he's not playing Wo-Fat. Malika Dudley checks in with local boy, Mark Dacascos.

"This is where it all started on lime street. Yes my grandfather whom I lived with, was a huge fan of Hawaii Five-0 and in this apartment is where I first laid eyes on Wo-Fat," said Mark. The cold-blooded killer on Hawaii Five-0 couldn't be more different from the actor that plays him on television.

"It's really fun, they say you're so evil, you're so bad, I'm like... that's right," said Mark. His father disagrees,"I know him so when you see him being the bad mean guy I have to chuckle because that's not him."

Wo-Fat, kills but Mark, well, he's an inspiring man! Not just because he has a killer 6-pack or because he's hilarious, speaks seven languages, is a gymnast, drummer, singer, dancer and martial arts champion. This guy, has ALOHA. "I'm from here, so my heart is Hawaiian," said Mark.

Born at Kapiolani Hospital, Mark went to Ala Wai Elementary School and got his GED from Farrington. "We have two generations of our family buried at Diamond Head. My irish grandfather he came over he was in the military fought in WWII. He's over at Punchbowl. The roots are literally... the roots are deep," he said.

Though he says Hawaii will always be "home," Mark actually spent much of his formative years in Europe.

"From Hawaii, my mother and father they brought Kung Fu to Hamburg, well to Germany and we had our schools in Hamburg. My father was married to my second mom and she was the number one Kung Fu fighter in the states, my dad was a top ten fighter and very famous in the martial arts world," said Mark.

Needless to say, Mark's been doing martial arts since he was in diapers. His dad was his first kung fu teacher. "The style that I work with or expression that I work with is called won hop kendo which is a combination of expressions," said Mark's father Al Dacascos. Mark said, "The spirit of Wo Fat is this martial art, practical, effective deadly, to the point." That's how he connects with his television alter ego. "Wo Fat is definitely skilled in hand to hand combat as well as weapons and I like that physicality I connect with my characters usually first with the physicality," he said.

But that's where the resemblance ends. You couldn't find a nicer guy. For Mark, family comes first. We visited his auntie Chris Lancaster at her home in Kalihi. She said, "He's rushing over to get back to LA tonight so that he can be home tomorrow for two soccer games and on Monday he's his daughters show and tell in school." His father, seconds that notion, "Mark he's a very good father. He's got three children Kapono, Makoa and Noelani."

Married to his wife of 14 years, Julie, his three kids were born right here in Hawaii... "and it was the three best experiences of my life, being a part of her giving birth to my three children here in the islands. It gave this energy to the kids and they love saying that they're from Hawaii," said Mark.

Mark, we love saying you're from Hawaii.

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