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How to beat bed bugs

It's being called the worst epidemic of parasitic insects since World War II. Millions of Americans are being bitten every night… and removing them from your home can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars! We're talking about bed bugs.

A new national survey shows the bed bug population exploding in all 50 states! Bed bugs are hitchhikers. They hop onto people and go different places. That's how they spread. Their favorite place to hitch a ride? Hotels.

Check into a bed bug-infested room and they're likely to follow you home… in your suitcase or clothes. Many hotels now conduct daily bed bug inspections. But you should do your own room check before unpacking. Pull back the bedspread and sheets… inspect the mattress seams, particularly at the corners. If you find bed bugs, or their telltale stains…change your room or hotel immediately!

Experts also advise:

  • Inspect the entire room, including sofas and chairs, and behind the headboard.
  • Leave your luggage in the bathroom while inspecting the room.
  • Hang your clothes in the closet instead of using the drawers.
  • Vacuum your suitcase before bringing it inside.

And when you get home, put the clothes in your suitcase into a plastic bag before bringing them in the house… and wash them in very hot water.

These tips may sound extreme, but let even a couple of bed bugs in and before you know it, you'll have a major home infestation. Once bed bugs infest your house, the price tag to remove them can run several hundred to a few thousand dollars!

Experts say bed bugs are much more difficult to eradicate than ants, cockroaches or termites. Pest control companies need to deploy every weapon in their arsenal, including chemicals, thermal treatment...even bed bug-sniffing dogs.

While the pest control industry continues to combat the bed bug epidemic, experts say public education is our best defense.

The battle lines are indeed drawn… a new study identifies nine other cities that have joined Cincinnati as the most infested urban areas: New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC; Columbus, Dayton, Detroit, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles.

Several other cities have formed bed bug task forces in an effort to stay off the list.

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