Palace Protest, APEC Arrives, Winds Return?

Overnight Sunday, people claiming to be fighting for the sovereignty of Hawaii locked themselves inside the Iolani Palace grounds. Our crews at the scene are trying to figure out whether the demonstrators chose today to coincide with the first day of APEC. Ramsay Wharton will be reporting live from the scene starting at 4:30 a.m. on Sunrise.

Speaking of APEC, much of our show today will be dedicated to making sure you get the information you need to be prepared for this historic event. Especially when it comes to traffic. This morning, Taizo will be talking about changes coming to the Convention Center area for drivers and pedestrians. He'll also talk about the disruptions to bus and park services. Stay connected with potential problem spots by downloading our HawaiiNewsNow app and we'll send out alerts direct to your smart phone.

Howard Dicus is live at the Convention Center and will give us an in depth, inside look at who's here, what they hope to accomplish, and why it's huge for Hawaii.

Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle will hold a news briefing at 6:15 this morning to talk about APEC. We'll bring that to you live when it happens.

A reminder: you can get everything you need to know about APEC on We've created a special APEC section.

The winds were howling last night. Will the gusty conditions back off? Dan will have weather updates every 10 minutes.

Plus, a Hawaii Five-O insider drops by to give us the scoop on tonight's new episode and we chat with actress Christina Applegate about her new TV show.

Hope you can join us this morning for Sunrise.