Businesses adjusting for APEC

Scot Takeuchi
Scot Takeuchi
Concrete barriers are being put in place in anticipation of APEC
Concrete barriers are being put in place in anticipation of APEC
Greg Apa
Greg Apa

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Scot Takeuchi makes eight to thirteen stops in Waikiki, delivering food and paper products for HFM FoodService. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings will present a challenge.

"Yeah. It's going to take time a lot of time - traffic, security checkpoints and all that," he said.

The beach barricades behind the Hilton and No Parking signs along curbs show the summit is coming. Behind the scenes, HFM is modifying its delivery schedules for next week. Waikiki drops will be an hour earlier, to avoid tie-ups.

"Basically, for the Hilton and Sheraton we're looking at delivering most of their products between Monday and Thursday. And Friday and Saturday we're looking at no deliveries, unless they have emergency needs. Then we'll run a special truck in there," said Justin Medeiros, HFM executive vice president of operations.

For trash collection, private companies pick up most of the municipal solid waste in Waikiki from hotels and condos.

"We sent out letters to hotels and condo associations the past couple of weeks saying, 'If you need extra cans to meet your demand, let us know. We'll get extras cans out there.' We've had some response on that," Honolulu Disposal Service vice president Greg Apa said.

The company sends five to six trucks into Waikiki daily. It will make two early pickups on Friday, then avoid Waikiki on Saturday, Nov. 12, when APEC's leaders meet at the Hale Koa Hotel.

"A lot of these accounts are seven-day accounts. They need to be picked up seven days," Apa said. "We're just not going to be able to do it on that Saturday."

All businesses that roll through Waikiki plan to play it by ear when APEC's here.

"I don't know how the parking situation and all that's going to be," Takeuchi said.

Next week he'll find out.

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